Book Description

Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday shows you how to look at your world differently, and in doing so, actually change the reality of your world.  This book is for anyone who seeks a future filled with happiness, laughter, success, and a sense of contentment.  It reminds you that tomorrow will not always be there, which makes today a miracle, a once in a lifetime event.  Today you have the ability to write tomorrows history; to live a day where tomorrow you will look back and smile and be joyous in the fact that you did live this day, that you were given this gift and made the most of it.  It contains life lessons we all need to learn or at least remember again.  It brings what is truly important to the foreground, may make you cry, and will definitely give you an appreciation for life that was not there before.

For those struggling with cancer or another life threatening circumstance, there is an entire section near the end of the book dedicated to help you jumpstart your way to recovery.  It is practical, to the point, and comes from someone with life experience.

From the Author

Most of us live each day the same as the last because we are certain there will always be a tomorrow. There has to be, we have plans and things that still need to be accomplished.  It wasn't until I was told my tomorrows could be limited that life and all that is truly important came into focus.
After contracting cancer at a relatively young age, my world was turned upside down and I finally realized that tomorrow will not always be there. The fact is that today is a once in a lifetime event, we will never be able to get it back.
I soon learned that how we perceive our world actually changes our world.  I relearned the art of appreciation, that being kind is a choice, and doing something good for another is an opportunity, not a sacrifice.  I learned that bills are nothing more than numbers on a piece of paper, but love; love is real and something we often take for granted.  That too many times we let our priorities get turned around and forget what is truly important in life.  As you will see in my book, I learned this and much, much more.


I assume tomorrow will come just as today
The sun will rise, the sun will set
And what I have available to me today will be there again
I will breathe the same air
See the same people
And complain about the same things that bothered me today
But what if tomorrow is not the same
What if the sun rises and the sun sets, but in between something is missing
A loved one, a possession
A job, a piece of nature that once brought peace
If this were now true today, would I look at yesterday with regret and sorrow
Would I wish to go back and do something differently
I think so
But today is a yesterday
And it was a tomorrow
I can be joyous in the fact that it is tomorrow’s yesterday
And I will be able to live this day with no regrets
For now I see what today really is
It is a chance
An opportunity to have no regrets, no sorrow
Today I can appreciate everything in my life
And see what the world has given to me
In appreciating all I have received
I can’t help but want to contribute, to give something back
I think I would like to give the most powerful and important thing I have

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